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Alabama Securities Act
Chapter 6

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Article 2  Securities Commission.

  • Section 8-6-50 Created; duties generally.
  • Section 8-6-51 Membership; qualifications and appointment of commissioners; use or disclosure of confidential information by commissioners, employees, etc.; civil liability of commissioners.
  • Section 8-6-52 Terms of office of appointed members; filling of vacancies; reappointment of members.
  • Section 8-6-53 Selection of chair; rules for proceedings; meetings; quorum; records and reports; access to offices and records; exercise of powers of director.
  • Section 8-6-54 Compensation of members.
  • Section 8-6-55 Director Appointment; duties generally.
  • Section 8-6-56 Director Qualifications; salary; interest in banks, etc., prohibited.
  • Section 8-6-57 Deputy director.
  • Section 8-6-58 Personnel.
  • Section 8-6-59 Bonds of director and employees.
  • Section 8-6-60 Place of office.

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