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Investor Protection Alert

ASC Has Ordered These Companies to Stop Business in Alabama


MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA  (May 14, 2001) Joseph P. Borg, Director of the Alabama Securities Commission, has issued Cease and Desist Orders against the companies listed below. 


Name; Location; Product offered and/or sold


- Tri-West Investment Club; Belize City, Belize and San Diego, California; offered and/or sold interests in contracts involving bank debenture trading in Prime Bank Notes.


- Financial Warfare Club, Inc.; Mitchellville, Maryland and Marlboro, Maryland, offered and/or sold securities in the form of certificates of interest in a profit sharing agreement.


- UNITE1 Investments; Mesa, Arizona; offered and/or sold interests in loans.


- Viatical & Elderly Settlements Providers, LLC, (VESPER); Washington, D.C.; offered and/or sold interests in viaticals (Life insurance policies purchased from people diagnosed with a terminal illness.)


These companies are operated from locations outside of Alabama and have contacted Alabamians by the internet, word-of-mouth, telephone and mail.  Some of these companies are specifically targeting senior citizens and members of black communities as part of their marketing scheme. 

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Evidence indicates the listed companies transacted business in the State of Alabama as securities dealers or agents while unregistered in violation of Section 8-6-3(a), Code of Alabama, 1975 and sold or solicited unregistered, non-exempt securities into, within, or from the state of Alabama in violation of Section 8-6-4(a), Code of Alabama, 1975.


Mr. Borg said, "Citizens, beware of securities offers which are to good to be true.  The decline in recent interest rates and losses in the stock market have made many of our citizens targets for securities scams.  Most brokers and dealers of financial products are honest professionals, but some are not.  Before you invest learn about the products you want to invest in and check out the person selling the financial product before you buy."


For inquiries regarding securities dealers, to report suspected fraud, or obtain consumer information call the Alabama Securities Commission at 1-800-222-1253. 


There is a vast amount of free investment information on the Internet, the best starting point is at the NASAA website (, take the main menu to Investor Education and enter into the Investor Tips section.  Numerous articles are provided at this website for free or you may call or write the Alabama Securities Commission - Division of Training and Public Affairs.  Phone 1-800-222-1253 or send your request to the Alabama Securities Commission, Training and Public Affairs, 770 Washington Ave., Suite 570, Montgomery, Alabama 36130-4700.  




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