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Announcing the Economic Crime Alliance of Alabama


MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA (February 17, 2004) – Ten Alabama State Agencies announce today the establishment and implementation of a new alliance to fight the ongoing war against white collar crime throughout the state of Alabama:


Members of the Economic Crime Alliance of Alabama:

1.  Alabama Securities Commission
2.  Alabama Department of Revenue - Investigations Division
3.  Office of the Attorney General
4.  Department of Examiners of Public Accounts
5.  Office of Prosecution Services (District Attorneys)
6.  Alabama Department of Public Safety - Alabama Bureau of Investigations
7.  Alabama Insurance Department
8.  Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center
9.  Alabama Department of Industrial Relations

10. Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Economic Crime Alliance (ECAA) of Alabama is to provide a statewide support system for the prevention, investigation, and prosecution of financial, economic and high technology crime, and to support and partner with other appropriate entities in initiatives addressing the protection of public funds and the financial resources of the citizens we represent.


ECAA is a non-funded partnership of law enforcement agencies, audit agencies and state regulatory bodies with investigative authority, and state and local prosecution offices with jurisdiction within the State of Alabama.


The Alliance will combine law enforcement agencies and prosecutors knowledge and resources to better combat economic and high-tech crime and effectively prosecute offenders.


Joseph P. Borg, Director of the Alabama Securities Commission, said, “Although the Economic Crime Alliance of Alabama agencies have historically cooperated to investigate, solve, and prosecute white collar crime, the new alliance will greatly improve our abilities to transfer and share information between agencies.  One area of importance will be the review of rules and regulations for the release and transfer of sensitive information among members to ensure appropriate handling and privacy--basically looking for ways to streamline the process and cut the red tape.

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Lewis A. Easterly, Secretary, Alabama Department of Revenue issued this statement:  “We are proud to have become a founding member of the alliance of state agencies that combat financial crimes in Alabama.  As a result of the special expertise contributed by each agency, there is more efficiency with a greater benefit - a bargain for the careful and conservative use of the people’s money.”


Charles E. Crumbley, Director of Investigations (Revenue Department) said, “The effect of our joint investigations with our allies in the Economic Crimes Alliance of Alabama is two-fold:  (1) Deterrence of tax cheating and the expanded recovery of badly needed state, city, and county tax revenue; and (2) The Alliance will contribute to leveling the playing field for a competitive business environment in Alabama by attacking the fraud and corruption that sometimes preys on good businesses.” 


Ronald L. Jones, Chief Examiner, Department of Examiners of Public Accounts, said, “White collar and economic crimes cost the citizens of Alabama millions of dollars each year.  By combining resources and sharing information among the agencies responsible for the detection, prevention, and prosecution of these types of offenses, we can maximize and save precious State resources allocated to this effort.  The ultimate goal of the Alliance is to give Alabama citizens the most for their tax dollars.” 


Walter A. Bell, Commissioner, Alabama Department of Insurance, said, “Economic crimes cost Alabama families and Alabama businesses their hard-earned dollars.  There is no doubt in my mind that by working together we can help stop these crimes.  From my perspective, this alliance, if armed with an insurance fraud law, could go a long way in stopping insurance fraud in this state.  I think this is a positive first step.” 


Randy Hillman, Executive Director, Alabama District Attorney’s Association, said, “The District Attorneys commit their support to the Economic Crime Alliance of Alabama to assist in combating white collar crime in the State of Alabama.”


Russell Yawn, Chief Investigator, Alabama District Attorney’s Association, said, The District Attorneys support the mission of the ECAA and will work hard to ensure success of this group.”


Major Ken Hallford, Chief of Alabama Bureau of Investigations, said, “The Economic Crime Alliance of Alabama is a good example of how various agencies are working together to protect tax payers.”


The Economic Crime Alliance of Alabama member first met in June 2003 to begin the process of formation.  Presently the Alliance is meeting as necessary, at least once per month, to discuss and review matters and look at methods to foster more efficient cooperation and exchange of information. 


For questions or information about the Alliance contact Daniel G. Lord, Education and Public Affairs Manager. 





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