Protect Alabama Troops (PATS)

The Alabama Securities Commission website has excellent resources for every Alabama citizen. Here are some publications that are highly recommended for military personnel and their dependents:

ASC Free Services


Getting Help With Your Investments (by Editors of Kiplinger's)

Five Keys to Investing Success (by Editors of Kiplinger's)

Mutual Funds and ETFs (by Editors of Kiplinger's)

A Salute to Smart Investing (for Armed Forces by Lightbulb Press)

Tips for Making Sound Investment Decisions

When Your Broker Calls, Take Notes! (Form)

Red Flag Phrases for Investment Fraud

Some Helpful Military Resource Websites

Request Form for ASC Presentation

File a Complaint Form

If you have a question or would like more information:
Call 1-800-222-1253 and ask for Dan Lord,
Education and Public Affairs Office.

NOTE: All materials on this website may be printed and used to learn about protecting one's self from securities fraud and how to make an informed investment decision.