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1.  2-16-2021 Alabama Securities Commission Provides Tips to Help Investors Protect Online Accounts
2.  2-04-2021 Posted Today - Alabama Securities Commission Files Court Action Against GPB Capital Holdings, LLC for Allegedly Defrauding Alabama Investors in a Nationwide $1.8 Billion Securities Scheme
3.  1-14-2021 Not Every Cryptocurrency Cloud Mine Has a Silver Lining, ASC Shuts Down Two Mines
4.  1-11-2021 Alabama Securities Commission Makes Big Strike on Texas Based Oil & Gas Investment Scams
5.  12-28-2020 Investors Need to Do More Than Eat Greens on New Year's Day to Prosper. Don't Fall for Fraudulent Cyber Investments Warns ASC
6.  12-18-2020 California man must stop doing business in Alabama; “to good to be true” offer turned out to be a scam!
7.  12-17-2020 Unregistered Agent Touting Banking System Expertise Ousted by Alabama Securities Commission
8.  12-16-2020 Unregistered Agent Selling Healthcare Securities Stopped by Alabama Securities Commission
9.  12-01-2020 Your Elf on the Shelf Called; Apparently, You’ve Been Answering Spoof Calls
10.  10-27-2020 Plan to Go Trick or Treating this Week? ASC Warns Cybercriminals Are Trying to Trick and Cheat You!
11.  9-30-2020 Avoiding Financial Scams COVID-19 and Beyond A Teletown Hall
12.  9-25-2020 Alabama Securities Commission Teams Up with Feds to Defend Seniors Lured to Trade Solid Investments for Empty Gold Mine
13.  9-15-2020 Financial Empowerment Program for Women “SHE CAN” ACCOMPLISH HER FINANCIAL GOALS
14.  9-04-2020 Alabama Securities Commission Says Don't Hit on Phishing Lures and Gives Red Flags To Stay Off the Hook
15.  8-31-2020 Internet Trading Company Touting 34,259% Profit Halted by Alabama Securities Commission
16.  8-26-2020 Alabama's Watchdog for Coronavirus Investment Crime Issues Order Against Millionaire & Billionaire Websites
17.  8-24-2020 INVESTOR ALERT -- Investment Fraud Skyrockets During Hurricane Season; UGH!
18.  8-19-2020 Alabama Securities Commission Participates in Coordinated International Crackdown on Coronavirus Scams
19.  8-14-2020 Texas and Alabama Securities Regulators Team Up to Uncover Global Investment ScamTexas and Alabama Securities Regulators Team Up to Uncover Global Investment Scam
20.  6-29-2020 Harbor City Capital and The Bonds of Deceit