News Releases
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1.  5-22-2020 Alabama Securities Commission Halts Another COVID-19 Scheme Aiming to Defraud Alabama Investors
2.  5-20-2020 Alabama Securities Commission Issues Order to Thwart International COVID-19 Investment Scheme Aimed at Profiting off the Pandemic
3.  5-15-2020 Fighting financial scams during a pandemic! Join statewide Tele-Town Hall on May 18th with Alabama’s AARP, BBB, Attorney General, and Securities Commission.
4.  5-08-2020 Alabama Senate Confirms Hope S. Marshall to Serve as Commissioner for the Alabama Securities Commission
5.  5-01-2020 Alabama Securities Commission Flattening the Threat of COVID-19 Con Artists Targeting Alabama Investors
6.  4-30-2020 Scam Stoppers Provide Tips To Protect Alabamians During Pandemic
7.  4-21-2020 The Alabama Securities Commission is Helping Families Affected by Covid-19 Write a New Financial Script
8.  4-14-2020 Alabama Securities Commission offers free financial education materials and budget tips to assist Alabamians during the COVID-19 pandemic and after
9.  4-08-2020 Alabama Securities Commission releases its latest ‘CON WATCH’* warning: ULTRA BTC Mining and Laura Branch ordered to stop business in Alabama immediately
10.  3-28-2020 COVID-19 Related Investment Schemes Anticipated - Alabama Securities Commission Outlines What to Expect and Offer Guidance on How to Protect Yourself
11.  3-23-2020 ASC CORONAVIRUS NOTICE (03/23/2020) - What Steps the Commission is Taking to Keep Our Staff and Our Stakeholders Safe
12.  3-20-2020 Alabama Securities Commission Warns Citizens to Beware of Financial Scams Relating to the Coronavirus Outbreak and Planned Government Payments
13.  3-19-2020 (EMERGENCY ORDER) Temporary Relief for Registrants Affected by the COVID-19 Outbreak
14.  3-02-2020 The Alabama Securities Commission Urges Investors to Beware of the Coronavirus Con
15.  2-21-2020 Miami resident, John David Geraci, is sentenced to prison and ordered to pay back millions to Alabama victims
16.  2-14-2020 Steenson Guilty of quick flip land scam ensnaring senior investors in Alabama
17.  2-14-2020 Alabama Securities Commission Gets Return on Long Term Investigation of Prime Bank Fraud Scheme; Three Plead Guilty to Securities Violations
18.  1-24-2020 Top Investment Vehicles that can Crash Your Financial Future
19.  12-09-2019 Faith-Based Board Game Swindler Busted by the Alabama Securities Commission
20.  11-26-2019 Another Spider in the Synergy Finance Web of Deceit Swept Away by the Alabama Securities Commission (ASC)