The Alabama Securities Commission (ASC) regulates the securities industry in Alabama. The Commission is committed to protecting investors against securities fraud and provides aggressive enforcement actions against any firm or individual who has violated the Alabama Securities Act or other state and federal statutes to the detriment of Alabama investors.

The Alabama Securities Act provides for the licensing and regulation of securities broker-dealers, agents, investment advisers and investment adviser representatives, and financial planners.

The Commission regulates the individual securities through registration. All of the above entities must be registered with the ASC to conduct business in Alabama unless subject to a statutory exemption from registration.

The Commission promotes financial literacy to all citizens and students in Alabama by providing presentations, free information and access to literature for financial education.

You can prepare yourself to make an informed investment decision through Broker Check or contacting the Commission to determine if the representative and firm with whom you wish to do business are properly registered in Alabama. Our staff can also provide free information relating to the disciplinary history (crime, complaints, civil law suits, etc), educational background and work experience of a firm or representative.