It is the policy of the State of Alabama to promptly provide citizens with public records upon request, subject to their payment of reasonable fees, to applicable laws protecting sensitive information and to serve the best interest of the public to carry on the business of government without undue interference.

To process public records requests more efficiently, the Alabama Securities Commission has established the following procedure for requesting public records.

  1. Please complete and sign the Public Records Request Form.
  1. You may attach additional pages if necessary.
  1. Please email your request to or mail your request to the below address:


Alabama Securities Commission
P.O. Box 304700
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-4700


  • Generally, only Alabama citizens are entitled to open records.
  • Please avoid vague terms like “related to” or “pertaining to”.
  • If seeking emails between parties, please provide keywords or specific email addresses. If the exact email address is unknown, please provide the email domain to be used as a search term.
  • Remember to sign your request.

After your request is received, you will receive confirmation which may contain additional instructions. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please email the Alabama Securities Commission at