The retirement landscape is changing. When I'm 65 is a guide to help navigate it, no matter what your picture of retirement may be. When I'm 65 offers free videos and toolkits for every age group from high school students to senior citizens.


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FINANCIAL LITERACY (FL): The Alabama Securities Commission (ASC) actively promotes financial literacy and investor education by providing the following publication to teachers in a hard copy upon request. This publication may be downloaded from the internet by anyone. It may also be copied, printed and used for non-commercial educational purposes:

The Basics of Saving and Investing:  Investor Education 2020

The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) launched a new website in December 2015 designed to provide senior-focused resources to investors, caregivers, industry and policymakers. The website is available at Qualified ASC staff members are available to present these free curriculum opportunities to groups of teachers or educators in public or private schools. Upon request, ASC promotes Financial Literacy and Investor Education through presentations and other printed materials.