Protect, detect, and report! Watch out for these common techniques scammers use to manipulate your emotions and threaten your finances. If you see one of these scams taking place or fall victim to one, contact the Alabama Securities Commission.

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Cryptocurrency, or crypto, is a digital currency designed to function as an online exchange tool for physical currency. Since it is unregulated by the government or banks, cryptocurrency scams have become one of the leading forms of financial fraud!


Natural resources, precious metals, and agriculture are key players in fraudsters' scamming games.

Promissory Notes

A promissory note involves an investor agreeing to loan money to a company or person in exchange for the company or person's promise that they will pay back the amount, plus interest, over a specific time period. Scammers promise big returns on the investment with no intention to pay the money back!

Pig Butchering

Scammers build trust and relationships over time with their victims, referred to as “fattening up the pig,” before encouraging victims to invest or asking them for money.

Financial Exploitation

Scammers steal money from individuals ages 60+ through various fraud methods, such as romance scams, fake investments, or stealing funds as a financial advisor, power of attorney, or legal guardian.

Romance Scams

Scammers create a fake profile on a dating or social media website and initiate a romantic relationship with victims with the intention of stealing money from them through a fraudulent investment of asking for money to help with family emergencies, medical needs, or other life crisis.

Imposter Scams

Scammers pose as someone they are not, such as a family member, government institution, law enforcement officer, or financial institution, and utilize fear or other emotional tactics to coerce or manipulate victims into a financial scam.