The The Alabama Securities Commission (ASC) occasionally receives calls on how to research old stock certificates and bonds and their value.  The following web links, manuals, and publications may be of some assistance.

NOTE: The ASC provides this information as a service to investors. 
The ASC does not endorse or recommend the companies or publications listed.

WEB LINKS –  This company researches old stock and bond certificates. Once the research is completed, Old Company will provide you the information found and how to contact the company or its acquirers if either still exists.  Old Company charges a $39.95 fee for each company; however, you are not charged anything if no information is found on the company.  A request to research a company may be submitted on Old Company’s website or by mail or fax; ordering and payment information is on the website.  Old Company’s toll free phone number is:  1-888-786-2576.  -    This company, affiliated with Old Company, buys and sells old stock and bond certificates.  The value of a certificate as a collectible is determined by many factors; these are listed and explained on the website.  You can send an email to Scripophily from its web site and the toll free phone number is:  1-888-786-2576. -  This company offers the same service as Old Company offers.  Research and contact information for both companies is the same. – This company buys and sells collectible stock and bond certificates as Scripophily does.  Contact information for this company is the same as that for Scripophily. -   This company will do research for a fee of $35 to $45 per company and will refund the fee if no information is found.  If an old stock certificate or old bond has a cash value, this company charges no “recovery fee” and provides name and address information for how to cash them in or to exchange for new shares.  If the certificate/bond has no cash value and the company no longer exists, this company’s report will include a free appraisal of the certificate/bond as a collectible.  This company also checks for any unclaimed assets in the shareholder’s name.  Contact information is:  phone – 435-586-9497; email - ; and address -

America West Archives, Stock Research Services, PO Box 100, Cedar City, UT, 84721-0100. – This company will do research for a fee of $85.00 US per company.  The company’s email address is:; the toll free phone number is 1-800-537-4523, and the fax number is 1-520-579-5639. – More information may be found on this website under the ‘Shareholders’ tab at the top of the home page.  The ‘Resources’ option on the left side menu on the ‘Shareholders’ page includes:  Getting Company info, Researching Old Certs, and Secretaries of State. Another menu option here is ‘Unclaimed Property’ which shows contact information for each state.

Additional resources (manuals and/or publications)

Financial Stock Guide Service:  This comprehensive guide has been published by Financial Information Inc since 1927.  Updated annually, this listing contains a directory of actively traded stocks and obsolete securities.  An inquiry about  research services may be made to The Custom Research department of Financial Information by calling 1-800-367-3441.

Robert D. Fisher Manual of Valuable and Worthless Securities:  This multi-volume resource published by R. M. Smythe & Co., Inc, is helpful in tracing the value of very old stock certificates.

Moody’s Industrial Manual and Moody’s OTC Industrial Manual:  Published by Mergent Company, these manuals are updated annually and give brief summaries of companies’ histories, backgrounds, mergers and acquisitions, subsidiaries, principal plants, and properties.  Subscription information is available at 1-800-342-5647.

Internet searches of large libraries should indicate the availability of manuals and/or publications kept in Reference.  Large universities that have a Business Library will often have one of the above-mentioned manuals and/or publications in its Reference Section.